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BidNow Sample

When BidNow was originally released, it was a sample built using Windows Azure and Windows Azure Storage, along with authentication provided via Live Id. Since the original release, a number of additional services and capabilities have been released. Consequently, BidNow now utilizes the following pieces of the platform:
  • Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure storage (e.g. blobs and queues)
  • SQL Azure
  • Windows Azure AppFabric Caching
  • Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control
  • OData
  • Windows Phone 7
These updates not only provide important and useful capabilities, but also highlight the ways in which to build applications in the Windows Azure Platform.

Get Started

Here are a few guides you can leverage to get started using BidNow. For additional details, please see the post Significant Updates Released in the BidNow Sample for Windows Azure.



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