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Getting Started with BidNow

The following notes will help you get started with BidNow. If you would like to watch a video tutorial, please review Setting Up the BidNow Sample Application for Windows Azure.

If you would like to deploy BidNow to Windows Azure, review the Deploy BidNow to the Cloud page.


To get started with the Bid Now sample application you will need the following:

Configuration Tasks

To use the sample you will have to perform the following configuration tasks:
  1. If you don't already have one, create a Project and Service Namespace in the Windows Azure AppFabric Labs Developer Preview.
  2. Download the latest release of BidNow.
  3. Double-click BidNow.exe to launch the installer. Note: this is a self-extracting executable; nothing is registered on the machine.
    1. Accept the License Agreement.
    2. Choose a destination folder (or leave the default).
    3. Click Install.
  4. BidNow comes with a setup script that will help you configure SQL Azure, Access Control, and Caching. Double-click and run the file StartHere.cmd found in the root of the BidNow folder. This will start the Configuration Wizard.
    1. Scan to ensure that all required software has been installed. If you are missing any required software, use the provided link to acquire the software.
    2. Setup Access Control
      1. Enter the service namespace (found at
      2. Enter the management service password credential. You can find this at Access Control -> Manage Access Control -> ManagementClient -> Symmetric Key -> Key.
      3. (optional) Enter your Facebook Application ID (details found at
      4. (optional) Enter your Facebook Application Secret
      5. If you plan to deploy to Windows Azure (rather than run locally on the compute emulator), enter your hosted service DNS name (e.g. Otherise, leave blank and hit ENTER.
    3. (optional) Setup the Caching service
      1. Enter your Caching service address (e.g.
      2. Enter your Caching service authorization token
    4. Importing Blobs
      1. If you plan to deploy to Windows Azure storage (rather than local storage), enter your storage acount name (e.g. bnowstorage).
      2. Similarly, enter your storage account key (not required if storing in local storage).
    5. Setup the Database
      1. If SQL Server Express is chosen (in option 1 or 3) it will automatically install.
      2. (optional) Enter your SQL Azure database server name (e.g.
      3. (optional) Enter your SQL Azure user name (e.g. USERNAME@YOURDBSERVER)
      4. (optional) Enter your SQL Azure password
  5. Open the "code" folder in the BidNow root
  6. Open the BidNow solution (i.e. BidNow.sln) in Visual Studio 2010 with elevated permissions
  7. If deploying to Windows Azure, review the "Deploying BidNow to Windows Azure.docx" document for additional steps.
  8. Build and run the solution

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SyntaxC4 Aug 30, 2011 at 1:34 AM 
Please see the discussion item here:

davidsc Aug 3, 2011 at 2:28 AM 
Stuck on the same issue - how about somebody addressing this blocker

ClearShadow Jul 12, 2011 at 10:12 PM 
Same issue as Pawan... :(

PBali Jul 1, 2011 at 1:33 PM 
Hi team
I am facing an issue when trying to run the BIDNOW app in my system.I did the steps given above after downloading the bidnow.exe but i m getting the error just after the 2 step's 5 point where it asks for facebook i just ignored that step so that i can use yahoo only for the time being.Here is the details what i m getting


==== You can get your service namespace at ====
Type the service namespace:
Type the Management Service password credential (Supported types: Symmetric Key
| Password):
symmetric key

To configure Facebook as an Identity Provider you'll first need to create an app
lication at and obtain the Application ID an
d Application Secret.
For more information read the topic 'Creating a Facebook Application' found at h
Or you can choose to disable Facebook as an Identity Provider and continue using
Yahoo! only.

Type the Facebook Application ID (Press ENTER to disable):
(pressed enter)

==== You can create a Hosted Service at ====
Type the Azure Hosted Service DNS Name (e.g.: or press ENTE
R to use Compute Emulator (the application will run in your local machine):
(Pressed enter)

Configuring AppFabric ACS for BidNow Sample...

An error occurred.
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an obj
at Microsoft.Samples.DPE.ACS.ServiceManagementWrapper.ServiceManagementWrappe
r.TryGetExceptionDetails(Exception ex) in c:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\BidNo
e 1050
at Microsoft.Samples.DPE.ACS.ServiceManagementWrapper.ServiceManagementWrappe
r.RetrieveIdentityProviders() in c:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\BidNow\setup\s
cripts\acs\ACS.ServiceManagementWrapper\ServiceManagementWrapper.cs:line 387
at BidNow.AcsSetup.Program.SetupAcs(String acsNamespace, String acsManagement
User, String acsManagementKey, String facebookAppId, String facebookAppSecret, S
tring webSiteAdress) in c:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\BidNow\setup\scripts\ac
s\BidNow.AcsSetup\Program.cs:line 227
at BidNow.AcsSetup.Program.Setup() in c:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\BidNow
\setup\scripts\acs\BidNow.AcsSetup\Program.cs:line 111

Press any key to start over...
and all starts all over again

is I m doing something wrong.please help I am stuck here.

pawan bali